Volunteers at The Maryland Theatre
Volunteers are an integral part of the success of The Maryland Theatre! Our volunteer roles include ushering for performances, concession service, scanning tickets, greeting patrons and guests for special events. All volunteers are responsible for implementing Theatre policies, demonstrating exemplary theatre etiquette, distributing programs or printed materials, and remaining alert and able to help with disturbances or in an emergency. Per fire safety and crowd control guidelines, The Maryland Theatre is required to maintain a ratio of 1 volunteer to every 100 patrons.

Once volunteers complete pre-show duties, they are welcome to enjoy the performance, but they must remain in area assigned and alert for disturbances, emergencies. Volunteers at performances must stay for the duration of the performance to assist with intermission and dismissal. All volunteers work as a team at intermission to direct patrons to concessions and restrooms. Volunteers are all certified in crowd control and enforce these measures to prevent overcrowding. Volunteers only sit in rows when seats are available. During a Sold-Out performance, volunteers often will stand behind the half wall of the orchestra or can be seated in the rear orchestra seats.

If you are interested in volunteering at The Maryland Theatre, please complete our online volunteer application or contact, Breanna Holloway Events Assistant by e-mail at bkh@mdtheatre.org 

Volunteer Expectations
  • Be on time!
  • Be polite and cheerful.
  • Be Alert – for disruptions, blocked aisle ways, items on balcony railings or ledges.
  • Be helpful! Direct and assist patrons- speak up!
  • Be flexible- events and performances may have last minute changes or additions.
  • Be familiar with the facility & your surroundings.
  • Be willing – to volunteer popular and annual recitals, events & performances.
Volunteer Roles

Volunteers are assigned a location, if for any reason you must leave your assigned area, please notify your manager.

Greeters: Are volunteers stationed outside the main doors or in the lobby of The Maryland Theatre, Greeters provide patrons with a warm welcome to “The Maryland Theatre. Additionally, they help direct patrons to key locations such as the ADA Entrances, Elevators, Box Office, Event Spaces, Restrooms, Coat Check, etc. It is also important that our greeters politely encourage patrons to follow health and safety guidelines that may be in place.

Ticket Scanners/Takers: Are volunteers stationed at the triple gold door entry way to the Historic Auditorium and the Balcony double doors. Ticket scanners must be comfortable working with technology- our scanners, recently updated are very user friendly! Ticket Scanners interact with Patrons to validate their entry to the show. If a ticket does not scan properly, ticket takers direct patrons to the Box Office for staff assistance.

Ushers: Are volunteers stationed inside the Historic Auditorium that direct patrons to their assigned seats. Ushers may also distribute information to patrons such as playbills or programs, answering FAQs, and directing patrons to concessions and the restrooms. Ushers must be very knowledgeable of their assigned area, the entire auditorium layout and always remain alert for disturbances or emergency. All ushers MUST be familiar with the seating layout number and letter system.

Concession Volunteers: Are responsible for the setup, sales, and cleanup of concession areas during performances and events at The Maryland Theatre. Concession Volunteers serve pre-packaged candy, snacks, and beverages to guests. Volunteers must agree to sell only inventory as directed by MDT Staff. Concession volunteers are assigned to volunteer in specific locations throughout the facility- this includes the Main Level Concessions, Cocktail Lounge, VIP Suite, Mobile Concessions in The View Studio and Ballroom. Concession volunteers must be comfortable working with a Point of Sales System, handling credit card transactions, reconciling sales and following state alcohol service regulations. Cash and alcohol may not be left un-attended while patrons are in the building.


Volunteers are expected to remain in communication with their immediate manager. Volunteers are asked to call their supervisors and provide as much notice as possible when unable to fulfill their commitment to serve as scheduled. After 2 documented No Show- No Call, volunteers may be placed on probation.

Dress Code

The basic uniform for volunteers includes: Name Tag, Lapel Pin (ushers only), Black Pants or Long Black Skirt, White Shirt or Blouse (long sleeve in the cooler months and short sleeve in the warmer months) and Comfortable Closed Toe Black Shoes.

After a 90 day/3-month probation period, volunteers will receive an embroidered vest. After 100 hours of service, Ushers earn a Lapel Pin for their vest. This vest is an essential part of the volunteer uniform and must be worn during all volunteers shifts. After 1 year of volunteer service, all volunteers will receive a personalized name tag.

Black or Burgundy Sweaters may be worn during the cooler months and if a greeter is positioned outside or near the front doors. Before wearing this additional layer, please confirm with your volunteer manager or staff.

Volunteers may not wear black leggings, blazers, sport coats, sandals, flip flops or hats during their volunteer shift.

Equal opportunity

The Maryland Theatre does not discriminate against any volunteer because of race, religion, creed, sex, national origin or ancestry, disability, or veteran’s status. Due to minimal supervision and state alcohol service regulations, The Maryland Theatre encourages volunteers to be 18 years of age or older.

Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies

Volunteers must immediately report any injuries while volunteering. Their manager will provide an Accident Report to be completed immediately. If a volunteer witnesses an incident, accident, or emergency they should notify their manager or staff immediately. A written report must also be completed by staff.

Food & Beverage

Complimentary water and coffee are always made available for our volunteers. For volunteers attending performance, they can receive an additional water or soda and snack from concessions after each performance begins. Volunteers may not consume alcoholic beverages while on duty.

If you wish to bring your own snack it can be stored in the Multi-Purpose Room/Volunteer Lounge on the 3rd Floor. Please clearly mark your items you brought from home and we ask you do not store items overnight.

Mobile Devices

Please no texting, talking, or utilizing your devices during your volunteer shift. We ask that your devices be off or on silence. Smart watches must be turned off or placed on Theatre Mode. If you must utilize your device during your shift, please do so in the Multi-Purpose Room/Volunteer Lounge on the 3rd Floor.

News or Media

Volunteers may not give information concerning The Maryland Theatre or any of its events, performances, donors, or clients to the news media unless specifically authorized to do so by staff. These inquiries should be referred to the Executive Director or manager on duty.

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings should be stored in a secured locker in Multi-Purpose Room/Volunteer Lounge on the 3rd Floor. This includes all bags or purses, umbrellas, jackets, and sweaters. Personal belongings should not be stored on chairs, in cabinets or concessions areas. This is to protect your belongings and keep the areas clear of clutter. The Maryland Theatre is not responsible for lost or stolen personal belongings.


The Maryland Theatre does not own or operate any parking facilities. Though in addition to on-street metered parking there are a variety of parking options within walking distance of The Maryland Theatre. For more information on parking please visit the City of Hagerstown. https://www.hagerstownmd.org/283/Parking-Locations-Map
Arts & Entertainment Parking Garage
25 Renaissance Way (left turn off of E. Washington Street)
Hagerstown, MD 21740
The University District Parking Deck
Take your ticket with you! Patrons are encouraged to pay at the pay station not the gate. Paying at the gate can lead to backups and long wait times to exit the garage. The deck is best reached off of East Washington, turning right onto Renaissance Way. Please note, this garage is often the first parking garage to reach capacity on performance and event nights.

25 N. Potomac Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Take your ticket with you! Patrons are encouraged to pay at the pay station not the gate.
Paying at the gate can lead to backups and long wait times to exit the garage.

36W Antietam Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
$1 per hour parking, nights and weekends, credit card only!

Central Parking Lot
14 N. Potomac Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Free Parking after 5 PM and on weekend 
Metered parking via City of Hagerstown Mobile App digital payments.

New volunteers first 90 days of service to The Maryland Theatre is considered a probation period. During this time, volunteers will receive increased supervision from their assigned manager and staff. At the end of this trial period, volunteers must meet with manager to review their experience to date and mutually decide which volunteer role will be the best fit for them.

Smoking & Vaping
  • Smoking and vaping is prohibited inside the facility.
  • Smoking and vaping is prohibited outside within 20 feet of doors and walkways.
  • Absolutely NO smoking or vaping on the fire escapes.

Volunteers are required attend to an on-site safety training and fire drill annually. Additionally, Concession volunteers are required to attend a training and certification for state alcohol service regulations. All trainings are mandatory- no exceptions can be made for missing required trainings or certification classes.


Volunteers must have a reliable means of transportation to The Maryland Theatre.

Volunteer Concerns, Grievance & Suggestions

If volunteers have a concern or grievance with another volunteer, please report to your volunteer manager first. If your volunteer manager has been notified of the concern or grievance or is unavailable, then you may bring your concern to a staff member.
  • Concession Volunteers report directly to Barb Jacob, Concessions Manager.
  • Greeters, Ticket Scanners and Ushers report directly to June Datum, House Manager.
A suggestion box is also located in the Multi-Purpose Room/Volunteer Lounge on the 3rd Floor of The Maryland Theatre. This box is checked often!

Volunteer Dismissal

Volunteers who do not adhere to these guidelines and expectations of The Maryland Theatre or who fail to perform their volunteer assignments at a satisfactory level may be subject to dismissal.

Volunteers in danger of dismissal will receive written warning and have an opportunity to discuss the reasons for possible dismissal with their manager. Failure to have a discussion with your manager or change behavior will result in possible dismissal from our volunteer program.

Volunteer Resignation

If you have new commitments in your life that would require you to cut back on volunteering or stop entirely, please let us know! We understand that life circumstance change with work schedules, caregiving, travel schedules, etc. Please communicate these changes so that we can maintain an appropriate number of volunteer staff at each event/performance. We encourage volunteers who are resigning from serving The Maryland Theatre to contact both their manager and staff about their intended departure. We kindly request at the time of resignation to return your vest. A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is preferred.